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The Parable of the Leaven

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This little parable is also told in Luke 13:20,


“And again He said, “To what shall I liken the kingdom of God?  It is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal till it was all leavened.”  


While I was praying for God’s wisdom to know what this parable is about, the Lord directed me to the notes in my study Bible.  They said

“God’s kingdom is not fully manifested now.  But will be reavealed in the Age to Come.  And in that age it will be known to all.  In the meantime, God’s works are permeating all of human society, penetrating evil and transforming lives.”

(Spirit Filled Life Bible, NKJV, Thomas Nelson Publishers).

Permeating all of human society… perhaps the three measures of meal could be the past, the present, and the future, …till it was all leavened.

The mystery of God’s kingdom was hidden in the past (from the beginning of time) in the rituals and the feasts of God’s people.  It was hidden in the commandments and in the tabernacle.  It was hidden in the prophesies of the prophets.  It was hidden in everything God asked them to do.  Even if they didn’t fully grasp the greater significance of all God asked them to do, by their doing it God permeated His message to the world of who He is, the One True God, and His kingdom to come.

When Jesus, the promised Messiah came, He revealed much of what had been hidden in the past, and revealed some of the future.  And through the Holy Spirit He has hidden His kingdom in each of us, in the present age, who choose Him.  The Lord is the breath of life in each of us.  God’s kingdom is hidden in part from our eyes right now, but is active and working in the hearts of men.  We see dimly as in a mirror now – but one day we shall see face to face.  When we are obedient to do what He asks us to do, we are salt and light to the world.

In the age to come God’s kingdom will be hidden (untouchable) from those who didn’t want to be part of it.

A Woman Hid

I think it is a great mystery how mankind was created in the image of God — male and female, the scriptures say (Genesis 1:27).  God gave Adam a wife from his own rib to cure his loneliness.  The marriage of a man and a woman together makes them one.  The man is to cleave to the woman, his help mate – his womb-man, giving them the power to bring forth life on earth after their own kind.  Adam called her Eve because the name meant “life” “living.”

There are scriptures that hint at God’s feminine qualities.  One of the Old Testament names of God is El Shaddai and literally means “God is my Breast.” Isaiah 66:13 say’s, “As one whom his mother comforts, So I will comfort you.”  Matthew 23:37 and Luke 13:34 say, “…How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings…”    This doesn’t mean I think God Almighty is a “she,” or “it,” or should ever be referred to by anything other than the masqueline pronoun HE, because He obviously set male above female in the order of things, and we should always respectfully refer to Him as our heavenly Father!!!!!  But if we peek more deeply into His divine nature, I think there is a woman hidden in there somewhere.  I think we are hidden in Him – and He in us.

All life on earth is hidden for a time in a female womb, so the seeds of the kingdom are hidden for a time in our dark world until the time comes for them to be revealed.  Until then, it is the great commission God has given to each of us to permeate our world with the message of eternal life, till it is all leavened!


Oh thank you Father God, I think (I hope) I understand this parable better now.  Thank You for teaching me (teaching us) Your word.  If I have any misunderstanding, show me my error, and teach me what is right, in Jesus’ name!


Prayer:  Lord, unless You build the house we labor in vain who build it.  We believe, but help our unbelief.  Unless Your Spirit is hidden in us we will have no power to live the Christian life, or love people, or share the gospel with the lost.  Lord I ask that you please forgive my sins and my wayward ways.  Wash them away in the blood of Jesus.  And pour out Your Spirit into me today (and every day) so that I may be able do the work You predestined me to do until the gospel has reached to the ends of the earth.  Direct my steps precious Jesus. Prepare the world for Your gospel.  Go before me Lord, and be my rear guard.  Prepare the hearts of the people here and everywhere to receive Your message.  Hallowed be Your name.  Your kingdom come.  Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  It’s in Your precious name I pray. Amen.